Sunday, September 14, 2014

Interwoven Imagery

Brittany Fine, Grade 10

"Everyone is on an adventure in life... doing different things, different interactions,each living to create what they want - a world of magic, enchantment and heaven. A sort of planet for those groovy space children seeking life. Even though we are all on our own adventure, we each seek the same thing... we are all interconnected whether we choose to believe it or not - plants, animals and people."

Havivah Jarzin, Grade 10

"A bird landed in the picture after flying through all the cultures and diversities of the world. Van Gogh arrived with a golden beard and sailed with his love through the glittery mystery of time. Soft clouds smudged themselves in the ice-cream sky."

Betka Zimmermawnova, Grade 10

"A butterfly-boat moves across the ocean. I would like to live in this world right now with all the sailing thoughts of magic and chaotic happiness. I would like to go on a voyage through this fantasy land of creativity and vibrant complexity."

Pia Beguinot, Grade 10

"A relaxed but open dream. Climb the stairway to the sky... this is where I would go if I could fly. Escaping from the chaos around me while connected to the bird and the moon up above who carry the messages of love."

Lisa Roberts, Grade 10

"Hundreds and thousands drip into a vast variety of religion and culture. A universal wonderland of uniqueness between nature and people who are on an ever-lasting journey of discovery."

Deen Shade, Grade 10

"I can see nature, purity and tranquility. It feels like I have found magic in reality. The golden crown is placed upon the African queen who rules the enchanted forest of imagination. A sailing ship will take us there."

Jordan Talbot, Grade 10

"There is a flowing waterfall of creativity in the forest of magical surprise. A warrior uses a tranquil light to gaze upon the world of nature."

Eden Assad, Grade 10

"She lives life through a crazed fantasy and some say it is like a groovy 80s sitcom. She speaks blurred, sassy vintage. There is a rose upon her head and she is inside a world of enchantment that is connecting all the bits and pieces of life's travels."

Sipho Fanti, Grade 10

"Let the great hand choose. Traveling back in time through the ages of life. Striking into the wild whirlpool of history and colourful imagination."

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